2018/19 Fundraiser

Do you like this initiative, and want to see it continue for longer, on a more stable footing, and at a bigger scale? Do you want to cheaply buy time spent working full time on work relating to EA, whilst simultaneously facilitating a thriving EA community hub? Then we would like to ask for your support.

Our funding currently extends to May, and we are fully booked (dorm beds only until end of March). We are seeking funds to 1) extend our runway to the industry standard of 18 months and 2) expand: buy the building next door and host up to another 15 EAs. These correspond to funding targets of £130,000 and £300,000, respectively.

For further instructions please see our GoFundMe.

If you’d like to give regular support, we also have a Patreon.

More detail on the EA Forum:

EA Hotel Fundraiser 1: the story

EA Hotel Fundraiser 2: current guests and their projects

EA Hotel Fundraiser 3: Estimating the relative Expected Value of the EA Hotel (Part 1)

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