In the menu below are 4 tiers with different prices and availability. For long stays of 1 month or more, you must apply at least 1 month in advance of your desired stay. For short days of less than 1 month, you must apply at least 7 days in advance. This is to allow us time to complete our vetting process.

    Room options and prices

  1. Grant Application (working on EA projects): [£0+/night]*
  2. Visiting a grantee and sharing a room with them [£6/night]*
  3. Dorm room bed (not working on EA projects) [£25/night]*
  4. Double room (not working on EA projects) [£50/night]*

*subject to approval by the Board of Trustees and Advisors. For more details see our Grant Making Policy.

Note that only dorm beds, and a small number of rooms, are typically available for non-grantees, dependent on spare capacity. Discounts are available for stays over 30 days, subject to room availability.

All prices include food (buffet breakfast, lunch and snacks, cooked dinner).

If your preferred dates aren’t available, contact us and we’ll add you to a waitlist.

To apply select from the options below

Why Apply

Our guests report that the productive environment and financial security enables them to work effectively. Here are some reviews from guests who have recently stayed:

Absolutely a gem of place, love the staff who are constantly trying to improve the usefulness of the hotel. I quite enjoyed my stay in CEEALAR and look forward to visiting again!.

Aditya SK, Outreach Coordinator, Animal Ethics, Hyderabad/India

Thank you so much! I’ll be eternally grateful for the opportunity of staying at such a wonderful place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return someday 🙂

Daniela Tiznado, Food Engineer, Guadalajara, México