2019 Fundraiser

Do you like this initiative, and want to see it continue for longer, on a more stable footing, and at a bigger scale? Do you want to cheaply buy time spent working full time on work relating to EA, whilst simultaneously facilitating a thriving EA community hub? Then we would like to ask for your support.

With current funding our runway extends to ~Feb (with pledged funding, ~Mar)*. We are seeking funds to extend our runway to mid-2020. This corresponds to a target of ~£70k. Our progress (as of Nov 5th) is shown in the chart to the left. Note that all funds raised in this fundraiser have been put towards costs for the second year of operation. Founder Greg Colbourn covered the first year (ending 13/5/18).

To donate, please or use our PayPal MoneyPool (0% fees, ~2% currency conversion losses) or GoFundMe (2.9% fees). If you’d like to give regular support, we also have a Patreon (10%+ fees/losses for non-USD donors!). Contact us to donate directly via bank transfer and save in fees/currency conversion (Revolut and Transferwise are good options with 0-1% losses in fees and currency exchange).

For an added bonus equivalent to tax deductibility, we are on Effective Altruist Donation Swap (in the Meta section). It should be possible to get your donation swapped with someone from a country that doesn’t offer tax deductibility to any charity.

More detail on the EA Forum:
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See also the pitch document we’ve sent to potential funders.

Written by others:
The Case for the EA Hotel (winner of 3rd place EA Forum Prize for Mar 2019)
My Q1 2019 EA Hotel donation
TAISU 2019 Field Report

*Note: updated on Oct 22nd to reflect actual rather than estimated spending: £5700/month for last 5 months vs. £5000 estimated. Updated again Nov 5th: actual spending £5100/month for last 6 months after backdated payments from guests. The accounts are somewhat messy and involve different accounts and lots of spreadsheets. Happy to share with those interested.

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