NB: we have never courted the media. The only publicity we have done is (our Founder) Greg Colbourn posting the initial “white paper” to the EA Forum, and sharing it to a couple of EA Facebook groups.

21 Jun 2018 – Matt’s Thoughts In Between: EA Hotel: you can check in, but you can never pay

An interesting take – basic income, and a tech-enabled post-scarcity/post-employment society are things that have interested Greg Colbourn for a while.

20 Aug 2018 – Slate Star Codex: Practically-A-Book Review: EA Hotel

6 Sep 2018 – The Economist: “Effective altruists” aim to change the world from a Blackpool hotel

(For the record re “noisy fuckers”: it was a one-off party at the weekend. Generally the hotel is surprisingly quiet for so many people.)

15 Sep 2018 – The Times: Hotel with free B&B (for guests who save humanity)

(For the record:
– “solve cancer”, “eradicate malaria”, and “use gravitational waves to renew cells such that ageing becomes a thing of history” were on a flipboard sheet left over from a retreat, which was from a blue-skies anything-goes brainstorm, definitely not for public consumption, and not a to-do list for the project!
– Most of the rooms are doubles.
– The purchase price of the building was £130,000, not £100,000.)

4 Dec 2019 – New Scientist: Altruism 2.0: How to use science to make charitable acts go further

Full list of documents related to the EA Hotel [please note: this link is to an independent site; the data presented on it is preliminary] (thanks to Vipul Naik)