People working on projects relating to Effective Altruism (EA) – studying, research, charitable projects etc – are permitted to have free or subsidised room and board at the hotel (provided that the work is in line with our Charitable Objects and the Charity Commission’s Charitable Purposes). By accepting these therms they pledge to work towards doing the most good that they can whilst staying at the hotel. They agree to maintain a reasonable level of productivity in their work, and are expected to fill out a monthly survey. For ongoing stays, they also agree to provide one page quarterly reports on what they have achieved (considering also the counterfactual of what they would’ve done had they not been at the hotel), how this matched their expectations from 3 months prior, and what their plans are going forward. They agree to keep their progress updates and public outputs for the outputs page up to date by filling out the spreadsheet allocated to them (based on this template) at least quarterly, and preferably monthly. If starting new projects, they should be aware of downside risks and take appropriate steps to mitigate them. Conditional upon this, and adherence to these terms and conditions and the Code of Conduct, the hotel management will honour the initial agreed upon stay.

Such guests also agree to provide a 2-4 sentence bio and profile picture to appear on the EA Hotel website here. It should include information on the work they intend to do at the hotel. They also agree to provide a short summary of their stay, focusing on counterfactual impact, to appear in public facing reporting.


The first 6 weeks of stay is free (voluntary payment only) for all successful EA applicants: we have a pay-what-you-feel-it’s-worth approach for this period, emphasising that you should pay zero if you’re uncertain of the value of the hotel to you, or if you are unwaged or without savings.

After 6 weeks, we request a mandatory (though honesty-based) cost price (£70/week) be paid by anyone either earning a salary, or with the means to support themselves for over 24 months (following 80,000 Hours’ advice).


You agree for the data you submit via the booking form to be shared with Trustees, Advisors and potential grantmakers to the EA Hotel.


If you cancel your booking with us more than 48 hours before arrival you will receive a refund for any money paid. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your arrival, or fail to turn up (a “no show”) you will be charged for the first night of your booking (if a fee-paying guest). In agreeing with our terms and conditions, you authorise us to charge this amount to the credit/debit card/account used to secure the booking.


If in the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel your booking, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will attempt to offer you alternative accommodation. If suitable accommodation is not available then we will refund all monies already paid by you and confirm that you will not be liable for any further payments to us.


You will be able to check into rooms between the hours of 1500 and 2200 unless an early or late check-in has been arranged (and paid for if a fee-paying guest). You are welcome to arrive earlier and leave luggage/sit in the common rooms until your room is ready.

Check-out is at 1100 on the day of departure unless a prior arrangement has been made with us. You are welcome to sit in the common rooms after you have vacated your room, for the remainder of the day, if awaiting a travel connection. Please return your room key to the key board in the dining room, bring down any power outlet adapters, and check the lost and found box for anything you might’ve left, before you leave.


We are sure that you will take care whilst you stay with us, and we acknowledge that accidents sometimes happen. We do however reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages which we consider to be deliberately or recklessly caused, for any items discovered missing after you depart or for the cost of the room for any time period for which it is considered unusable due to damage. In agreeing to our terms and conditions, you authorise us to charge this amount to the credit/debit card/account used to secure the booking (if a fee-paying guest). If the damages are discovered after you depart an invoice will be sent to you informing you of the amount we will debit from the card/account supplied.


We are a no smoking establishment. If we find that guests have been smoking in their room or anywhere indoors on the premises, then we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately. Whether or not you are asked to leave, we also reserve the right to charge a sum equivalent to one nights stay if we are unable to re-let the room for 24 hours whilst it is fully aired. In agreeing to our terms and conditions, you authorise us to charge this amount to the credit/debit card/account used to secure the booking (if a fee-paying guest). If evidence of smoking is discovered after you depart, you will be sent an invoice for the cost and notified that this will be debited from the card/account you supplied.


Some pets are allowed but only by prior arrangement.


Rooms will be cleaned fortnightly, please leave your room tidy for the cleaner, or leave the “Do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door if you don’t want your room cleaned.


Please turn off lights in bedroom and en suite when not in them.

NO LIVE TV/iPlayer

The hotel does not have a TV License, subject to the following declaration signed by the management:

“I declare that I do not need a TV Licence and (please tick to confirm you agree with all statements below):

I don’t watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, on any channel, using any device. This includes TVs, desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, digital boxes or DVD/VHS recorders.

I don’t watch or record programmes from abroad as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service.I don’t download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. This applies to any device and provider you use, including Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision, Freeview, Freesat, YouView, Apple, Roku or Amazon.”

Please abide by this. If you have a TV License registered elsewhere, you are free to use this to log into TV services online on your personal devices.


The hotel building is old, and has suffered some historical subsidence. Consequently the stairs and some of the floors are crooked. By staying at the hotel you accept any slight awkwardness of this, and any risk it poses.


Please label all personal food items with date opened. Staff reserve the right to throw out food that is out of date or perished, without warning. Please refrain from entering the kitchen for 48 hours after suffering illness involving vomiting and/or diarrhea.


We do not accept any liability to your property or injury to you or any other members of your party whilst on the premises unless caused by the negligence of us.

We reserve the right to pre-authorise the debit/credit card used to secure the booking.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

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